Monday, September 14, 2015


I almost blogged yesterday evening ...but opted to read my book.

I almost blogged when I came home earlier ...but took some calls instead.

And now to Costco ...instead.  I'm really not in the mood ...hence my stalling.

I also have tried to blog several other times.  I don't know why I have this massive block with writing.

I have some heavy duty things on my mind.  At one time blogging was so cathartic and I think still could be ...yet ...

And I didn't forget about the officer incident.

Just haven't been writing.

But ...almost.

I'm almost ready to write ...says this SeaSpray

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thought Processes

A rapid fire, "NoNoNoNoNoNoN-O-O-O-O!", audibly, but in an almost whisper, flew out of this panicked SeaSpray's mouth in the Costco parking lot.  It's amazing just how fast so many thoughts can simultaneously enter and process through my brain in a moment of significant concern and while also processing what had just happened.  I assume most people do that.  I froze on the spot just before putting the cart with the others but had turned to see all the car doors closed and my immediate concern was that I had locked my keys along with my purse in the car and now it was getting dark and the store was closing and it is not close to my house and so on.  I panicked because I habitually press the locks down whenever I am closing the car doors and I thought I did that on the passenger side since it was the last door I closed and I had tossed the keys up on the dashboard.  I even lock my car in my own driveway.  And it wouldn't be the first time I locked myself out.  I figured younger son would have to get a key from Mr SeaSpray and drive down to my rescue and I'd be waiting inside Costco with the night crew and, well I said, so many thoughts, even more than I've mentioned an all in about 15 seconds.  I don't know why but that both fascinates and amuses me.   You know ... your just having your usual normal though processes and then WHOOSH!  Major incoming thoughts at lightening speed.  I could've used some of that at my recent urology appointment the other day.  I think for the first time ever I only asked one question, didn't even tell him anything of what I had planned but instead just went with the flow, no pun intended.  :)

Thankfully, I didn't lock the doors.

Anyway, as stated  in tonight's earlier post, I will still finish post about police officer coming here.  And for the first time I actually stuck to my little list in that store only getting a couple of extra things and I did the same in the local store up here after that.  Miracles do happen.  :)

The tease ...and stuff :)


"Either you're a very nice person or your making fun of me.", said the smiling police officer as he rounded our fence, continuing to walk up our driveway to speak with me.  To be continued ...because right now, Hi Ho!  Hi Ho!  To Costco I go!  :)  I know, I'm teasing you now.

I really have to get there because I just found out that we are having our first born son's party here tomorrow night and I have much to do.  It's a bit far to drive for only fruit, eggs, bacon, bread and sauce, but I know I can count on their fruit.  I am surprising him with a pretty fruit salad in a carved watermelon with yummy fruit dip to go with it.  I bought 2 for one blueberries in a local store this week and I now know why they were on sale.  Mr. SeaSpray bought cantaloupes at 99 cents a piece and they don't have any flavor.  Don't you just hate that?  So, like I said the trip to Costco is worth it for the fruit alone.  And I am determined to stick to my list.

Actually, I did write most of the police officer post last week but I am going to cut out the part of the story that led to the stress that led to my actions that caused his visit.  It's a bit embarrassing and also long ...although funny, says me.  ;)  Not that the embarrassing and long has stopped me in the past.  Suffice it to know that it was just one of those crazy if it can go wrong days will and it did. :)

I also have some good news.  Double good news actually.  Great news with one thing, particularly given all I've written in this blog over the years.  But for now ...Hi Ho! Hi Ho! I really have to go! ;)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Today - MY First Day of Summer

This is an older picture for sure.  (Sons and granddaughter)  Our little first born granddaughter in this pic will be going into high school in the fall.  Boy time sure does fly by.  ;)

It is now official.  My first day of summer is today.  This is because today is the first day that I actually floated on the raft and frolicked and exercised in the pool.  Now it feels like summer.  :)

Keeping the pool warm has been a challenge because we have had so many cloudy days and cool/cold nights.  And when we did have hot weather I wasn't able to swim in the pool because of other activities.  I have gone in a few times with the kids but today was my official fun in the sun (pour moi :) pool day.  YAY!

I have been outdoors a lot though.  Every chance I get.  :)

Also the past I have written about how writing is a passion of mine ...thus blogging was so much fun.  I just don't know why , but I am having such a hard time trying to write anything ...anywhere.  I want to.  Sometimes I sit down to write because I do have things I would share ...but then I just go blank.

Actually ...I have a LOT on my mind.  I think that is the reason for my writers block.  I feel like I am in an emotional fight or flight state.  And so I freeze.  Once upon a time I was going to write a post about this ...fight or flight ...what kind of person are you if there is an imminent threat?  I know which one I am with a bit of a twist to it.

But I digress.

I need to get outside to water the gardens and maybe plant a little before it becomes SeaSpray versus the kamikaze mosquitoes.  :)

It sounds like such a little thing ...floating on a raft and swimming in the pool.  But I still feel good from doing those things and am going back in after gardening.  I LOVE night swimming too.  :)

Okay ...I am going to try to write another post later.  Maybe I'll tell you why the police officer was smiling when he rounded our fence to come see me after investigating a 911 call.  What a crazy making day that was.  :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

I KNEW It! Deer Tick and Renal Scan ...and What Do Deer Ticks and Foley Catheters Have in Common?

Picture of a Foley Catheter Close-Up in a Stock Photo
Photo Credit 

Doctors!  Okay much for my riddle of the day.  :)

I had to go see the PCP this morning (Friday) because this past Wednesday morning while getting ready for my foley/renal scan appointments ...I discovered an engorged deer tick that left a red mark.  Now to me ...a bug bite can leave a red mark although ticks never have before on me.  Anyway ...I called with the hopes the doctor would say don't come in, but of course the receptionist said he wants all patients with tick bites to come in.  And I know ...better to err on the side of caution.  Except this was no bulls eye.  And of course the bite just had to be in an embarrassing area that is reserved only for gyne and uro docs ...just saying.  And yes ...I knowww ..a doctor is a doctor and they don't care ...but to the patient ...this SeaSpray patient ...and I would think most patients, it's a big deal.

Anyway ...I wanted to be all ready for him when he came in the room and so I decided to lie flat on the table, head on pillow while reading my book up in the air and over my face so I could block the overhead light.  I was actually pretty comfortable.  I think it surprised him though based on his reaction.  While not my intent amused me.  I ended up giving him said book to read until I come back for a physical in a few weeks.  It's about an orthopaedic surgeon who died underwater while Kayaking in South America.  Good Read.  I've never really discussed it in this blog but I am most fascinated by NDEs, etc.

But I digress.

It turns out he wasn't concerned about it and we both agreed no one should have unnecessary antibiotics.  This would warm WC's heart.  :)

And I told him about how intermittently awful I have felt this past week.  Okay ..not awful but uncomfortable and definitely dealing with an issue that is messing up many plans.  Including my urology appointment that I had prior to getting the Mag III renal scan.  I purposely didn't eat all day yesterday thinking that maybe it was a virus.  Then in the wee hours of the morning, I remembered that this happened twice before in the past month.  I have been losing weight and not eating as much and I was wondering if the Metformin dose is too strong because I did have this reaction on a lesser dose when I first started it.

Sure enough, the PCP told me to stop taking it for awhile. I was relieved because I was becoming concerned.

And I know my routine colonoscopy was normal in December.

And I was telling people I was stressed about the renal scan (I have my reasons) and that must be why.  Normally it is so routine now.  But that can't be it because it happened earlier in the month.  And by the way ...I should NOT say I am stressed.  I never used to do that and I believe one sets themselves up to BE stressed and worse, if they continually do that.  Power in our words and all.

And about the renal scan ...well actually it is 1:09 a.m. and so I will just ask this rhetorical question to vent a little:  What is it about the nuclear techs at this facility (last year and last week), that seem to forget to lower the foley catheter bag when I am having (last year) and this year had a mag III renal scan with LASIX?  And another question: Why is the concept of the larger sized foley bag so foreign to them, particularly because if they use a smaller one they will have to drain the nuclear waste during the test?  They are always very nice.  It's just that I always have to make a case for the larger bag whenever I have new people.  But that's nothing.  Having my urine back up because it isn't flowing through the catheter is a big deal me anyway.

Last year I was very concerned this very expensive test would have skewed test results.  Because last year the nurse or tech (I don't recall which - both should have known tho,) forgot to lower the bag before the test started.  So after the lasix was given I began having awful back pain, etc. and I did react and just had to endure it.  Toward the end she saw the bag was still up on the table between my legs and the hose had a kink in it.  It is normal for me to put out 2000 ccs, more or less.  Imagine that backing up.  I really don't know what backed up and how much ultimately flowed out, but I think it was less.

Thankfully, last week the bag was lowered but after the test was finished, he put the bag up by my legs again, took the picture and walked out.  So I'm not worried abut skewed test results.  However, I was having an issue with the foley when I arrived to the facility (first time ever), and I  didn't know he left the bag up there.  I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.  I had to stay there because they only had one nurse.  Normally that wouldn't be a big deal except that I was beginning to think something was really wrong.  I was feeling like I used to when coming out of a procedure except I hadn't had one.  I began pressing my abdomen which made it worse.  I didn't know what to think and just wanted someone to come back in.  Finally the tech came in and he saw he had left the bag up there and so lowered it.  Ohhhh what a relief that was.  :)

On the upside though ...I feel so much better since stopping the Metformin on Friday.  YAY!  I am due for some lab work, have lost some more weight and have been much more physically active than I had been in recent months, and so I am curious to see what my A-1c will be since having stopped this med.  I will be thrilled with a good A-1c report without this medication.

And I will be extremely thrilled with a good renal scan report.  The reason I was stressing over this particular renal scan was because of the urinary tract infection with renal colic I had a few months ago.  But logic would dictate that if anything were wrong that manifested in those symptoms, I would've known way before now.

Just saying.  :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Phone Messages, Divine Coincidence and Other Stuff

Micro Cassette

"Hello?  Dr H?  I'm calling to say that I have hemorrhoids.  Can you see me IMMEDIATELY?!"

OMG!  What the heck?!  I busted out loud laughing when I heard this message on my answering machine this morning.  And by an apparently confused woman.   My thoughts were racing through my brain at lightening fast speed as I imagined what this woman was like and how patients can get confused when trying to reach the medical staff.  I also thought that perhaps she was close to the doctor to be able to assume she could call him directly but then dismissed that because she apparently called the main number ...which then caused me to again think ..she's confused.

 This doctor has a phone number similar to mine and so I occasionally get his calls.

However it was clear with the next sentence it was my friend Donna, playing a prank on me.  Ha ha!  She actually was calling his office and mistakenly called me.  Although ...I say it was a Divine Coincidence which I shall explain in a moment.  :)

So ...I decided to call her later in the afternoon and I pretended to be one of her doctor's receptionists.  Of course I don't know any of their names and so I didn't identify myself.

Her answering machine activated, but she also picked up and so I waited.  To disguise myself I used a very soft spoken voice and said, "Hello Donna? This is Dr. H's office returning your call.?"  "Uhhh ...I don't THINK s-o-o-o?  I " ...and right then and there I couldn't contain myself and so I again busted out laughing because I just couldn't continue the charade.  DARN!   And then she busted out laughing as well because I got her with my little return prank. Oh how I wish I could've kept it going!  :)  I was afraid she'd see my name on her caller ID but then I didn't see hers when she called.

This friend is one of the funniest people I know matter what is going on in her life.  She could be going through something just awful and I will be laughing because she is just so darned funny.  She knows I care and she just can't stop with the humor.  :)  We both went through a phase (in the late 80s and early 90s), in which we left funny answering machine messages.  My personal favorite of mine was when I answered as FiFi DuFufon, the French maid for the SeaSpray family.  In the middle FiFi let out a high pitched,  "OOPS! Now flambĂ©!"  (The best line ever - says moi. :)  And it ended with my singing a little bit of a few French songs.  What can I say ...FiFi was um ...spirited. ;)  Our lawyer really liked my FiFi message.  :)  She did a fabulous Spanish maid on hers, which I played for an ER doctor at work.  Then he left an equally hilarious message on hers.  :)  Anyway ...there were all kinds of messages.  I don't know about her friends and family but I can say that they sometimes wore thin with mine when they heard it for the umpteenth time and they just wanted someone to pick up the phone.  :)  I know I've written about this before but talking with her has stirred up some fun memories.

But I digress.

Regarding the Divine coincidence turns out she is going through a significant challenge with something she has to do ad I was able to encourage her by reminding her of how she prevailed in a similar situation and how gifted she is in dealing with something like this.  She became inspired with an idea I suggested, reminding her how well she did in the past and she can do it again because she IS good with these things.  And she appreciated other suggestions to gather/present facts, etc.  I can't wait to hear how it turns out.  Together with God, I am certain she will do well and have a good outcome.

I haven't spoken with her in forever ...since she moved away.  Well ...once.  I'm thrilled she wants to come up for a visit and talk on the Adirondack chairs, just like we used to do so many years ago.  I told her I will cook some of her favorite things.  I just have to get through some things this month and a renal scan on July first.  That's another post.  Ha!  I know I often say, "That's another post.", and then I don't write them.  There are reasons.  Maybe someday I will be honest and share what is distracting me so much.  I'll see.

Anyway ...I just love Divine Coincidences.  :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Screwed Up!

Big time!

On the evening of May 19th, I took my first dose of 875 mg/125 mg of Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Tablets, USP ...for a most wicked sore throat.  Somewhere in the midst of taking this I missed taking 2 doses, meaning I only took one a day - twice.  And then I finished them.

Or so I thought.

Tonight, while rummaging through my top drawer in my vanity near my bed ...I discovered the antibiotic bottle had fallen in there.  Oh no!  I still have THREE left!  So of the 20 prescribed, I didn't take the last THREE!!!

I have never done this with antibiotics in my life.  Missed a dose here and there?  Sure.  But then I continue on.

However, I always FINISH the prescription!

And now I didn't!

So what does this mean?

God forbid, but will this set me up to be resistant to this med?  All antibiotics?

I feel fine now.

I feel so stupid ...and irresponsible!  But I have been really busy and apparently with me ...out of site IS out of mind.

Do I take the three?

Or would that be worse?

It would be worse.

I really am detail oriented and careful with these things.

I was resistant to urology antibiotics once.  Nothing was working ...but that was years ago and I didn't skip anything and they have worked on me since then.

BTW, what is Clavulanate Potassium?

Anyway ...I vented and am believing for the best.